The first thing to do, is register to use the site, this allows us to connect you to your Instagram and Facebook pics. We just need your email address to get started, and we will immediately email you a link to confirm your email, so click away - and get started!

Once you have registered and logged in you will see two options, Facebook and Instagram. Clicking on Facebook or Instagram will give you a green button which you need to click to allow it to ask you to authorise our app to access your photos. If you already logged in to your accounts on your computer, you will not need to do anything else. If you are not you will be taken to a login screen for your account.

Okay, so you've chosen where the snaps are stored that you would like to print; now - do you have a promotion code? If so, now's the time to enter it! Some codes have specific products they apply to, and some will apply to anything you add to your cart.

Selecting a product to print is easy, just click on the green SHOW PRODUCTS button and browse through the selection. Some products have an option to add your own text to the product, if you select one of these a new button will appear next to the Facebook and Instagram options, called DESCRIPTION. This is where you enter the text for the item.

Once you have chosen a product you need to select the photos to appear within it, these can be added from any or all of your Facebook, or Instagram images. Click on them in the order that you would like them to appear, and if you change your mind about any of them, just click on that image within the preview section and it will be removed, allowing you to add another one.

Happy with your choice? Click on the ADD TO CART button. Within the cart you can choose to add more copies of a particular set.

If you have entered a promotional code, you will need to meet the order requirements for that code before you are able to checkout.